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After all, dildos are modeled after the penis, so you can't really discuss dildos without bringing up their original inspiration practically in the same breath. However, that is exactly what takes us to our next answer to the question "why are dildos so big" - because men are so much more than the size of their penis while dildos, frankly, are not.

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Answer (1 of 3): Sex is an intimate, pleasurable bonding experience between two or more people, and it should leave its participants feeling happy and satisfied - not anxious and doubting themselves.

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Why are dildos so big?! Dildos are a great addition to anyone’s sex toy collection. They come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, meaning there is something to please everyone and you’re guaranteed to find your perfect match!

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BUT the dildo's are of huge girth and length, way bigger than the average males size of 6'' long by 5.5'' circumference. So why so big? I would have assumed that a normal sized one have felt the same and done the job just as well? I'm a confused and clearly uneducated male. haha thanks. tldr; your huge dildo size emasculates me, why so big?

If penis size doesn't matter then why are dildos so big ...

Because penis size matters to men that use dildos. Gross fact but true. Also, according to women health magazine women tend to prefer average or only slightly bigger than average penises for relationships. Gianna17 | 212 opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

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Maybe it's because there's no reason to restrict them to the usual dimensions of real life. If there's a demand for big toys (and clearly there is) why not make them? Personally, I like variety. While I wouldn't really want to date a guy who had a penis as big as my biggest dildo, it sure is fun to play with something that size every once and a while.

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A dikdo is bigger due to the fact the veins on it don't move, don't expand, a dick would also be harder due to it gaining hardness by us clamping down on it, hence dildo's have to be thicker as they are less hard.

Why Are Dildos So Big

Why Are Dildos So Big While dildos can start out pretty small, there are also some very large sizes available for purchase Vibratör Dildo Anal Ürünler Fantezi İç Giyim Fetişh Bdsm Gay Sex Shop Orgazm Ürünleri Bayanlar İçin Erkekler İçin Belden Bağlamalı. Dildos are a great addition to anyone’s sex toy collection.

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On average, mean circumference for bestselling dildos was 12.7 cm. This is slightly bigger than the average natural penis girth, which some research suggests is between 11.5 to 12.3 cm -- although ...