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What's the best way to clean sex toys? | Health Promotion ...

Wash cyberskin and vinyl toys delicately with warm water only. Air dry and powder a small amount with cornstarch to keep them from getting sticky. Nylon: Nylon harnesses and toys can be machine or hand washed with a mild anti-bacterial soap.

How to Properly Clean Your Sex Toys | The Everygirl

If you’re using a sex toy made of a nonporous material . . . Use a mild soap-free of any micro-beads, exfoliants, or harsh ingredients. Make sure whatever soap you’re using is fragrance-free, as fragrances can irritate the vagina and the pH balance of your vulva.

How to Clean Your Sex Toys the Right Way, According to Experts

Durham suggests washing toys with a mild soap and water or an antibacterial sex toy cleaner (no harsh ingredients, although all-natural toy cleaners are ideal). Fricker’s teaching philosophy for ...

How To Clean And Store Your Sex Toys Safely, According To Experts

If your sex toy is made from... Silicone, glass, stainless steel, or wood—and it's motorized: Use mild antibacterial soap you'd use on your body and a damp cloth to wipe the toy clean.

How to Clean Sex Toys: Best Cleaning Products for Dildos ...

In addition to washing your toys (including any battery-powered items) with water and non-toxic soap, make sure you thoroughly dry your piece by wiping it with a clean cloth or allowing it to air...

How to Clean Sex Toys of Every Material | InStyle

When it’s cleaning time, wash the toy with an antibacterial soap and allow it to dry fully before stowing it away. RELATED: Is It Normal to Bleed After Sex? Other Ways to Keep Your Toys Clean ...

4 Tips on Maintaining Your Lovense Toy in Good Condition

Keeping your toy clean is not hard at all. The best way to clean your body safe sex toy is to use warm water and a sex toy specific cleaner. Sex toy cleaners are safe for your most sensitive areas and will also kill the bacteria on your toy. If you can’t find a sex toy cleaner that works for you, try a pH-balanced intimate soap. There are many different finds of intimate wash that you could use.

Best ways to clean up after sex: Tips and suggestions

It is especially important to clean sex toys to reduce the risk of pathogens on these items. Some other post-sex considerations include cleaning up after anal sex or when trying to conceive.