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A Guide to Sex Toy Safety | Wellness | US News

Ideally, you'd have a dedicated toy for each part, but if not, "put a condom on a toy, and then when you take it out of one part – the anus or vagina – put a new condom on before going into ...

How to Buy a Safe and Quality Sex Toy, According to Experts ...

Just keep in mind that if you don't buy a special case or bag for your toy, you're definitely going to want to give the toy a rinse with warm water and soap both before and after using it, too. (Related: The Best Way to Clean Your Sex Toys)

How to make sure your vibrators and sex toys are safe | Metro ...

Have a place to store your sex toys A clean, tidy drawer or box will do brilliantly, as will special soft pouches for each toy so they don’t rub against each other.

How to Clean Your Sex Toys for Safe Play

Sex toys made from silicone, borosilicate glass or stainless steel are the most common non-porous sex toys. These can be cleaned using a gentle antibacterial soap that you wouldn’t be afraid to ...

How to clean your sex toys, according to three experts

If you properly clean your toy with a mild soap and water and store it safely — in a clean toy bag or box, kept away from other porous toys — porous sex toys can be kept safe for solo use.

The Best Sex Toy Cleaners You Can Buy | Shape

As long as you're using quality, medical-grade, body-safe, sex toys made from non-porous materials (porous materials allow for bacteria to seep into them, making them difficult to properly and thoroughly clean), any of these seven sex toy cleaners make the cut when it comes to being body-friendly, as well as sex-toy friendly.

27 Homemade Sex Toys For Expert-Approved Sex And Masturbation

The 27 homemade sex toys below all expert-approved—so you know they're both fun and safe to use. Plus, chances are that you have at least a dozen of them at home right now. Advertisement ...