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25 Easy Ways to Make a Homemade Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

Bubble wrap also works well as an addition to the rolled towel masturbator; it adds texture while also softening the ‘rough’ feel of the towel through the glove. To make the adapted towel sleeve, simply line the towel with bubble wrap before rolling it. Fasten as usual and enjoy with lube! Bubble Wrap Sponge Pocket Pussy

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For this homemade male sex toys classic, all you need is a towel, a latex glove or condom, and lube. Roll out a fairly small towel flat on a surface. Lay the latex glove or condom inside it, stretched out. Leave about an inch of it hanging out one end of the towel. Then roll it up pretty tight - like a burrito.

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To make this homemade sex toy, you need a towel, a latex glove, and a rubber band. First, take the towel, fold it in a narrow half and place the glove on one end with the cuff hanging out a little bit.

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DIY Condom and Towel Fleshlight. ... With three different fits for the head, lubricant, a shower mount and a sex toy cleanser, this $105 buy will take your masturbation game from zero to all-star ...

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2) Sock Masturbator Homemade Sex Toy. If you’re looking for a homemade sex toy that is even easier to make than the towel masturbator, the sock masturbator is certainly worth a try. This fun DIY sex toy is very easy to make with ingredients that you most likely have laying around somewhere in your home already.

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In fact, there are two common methods of making a toy this way, depending on how you handle the towel. You can either fold or roll the towel and then place the latex glove or the condom inside it to mimic a pocket pussy.

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It’s a classic of homemade sex toys. Roll the towel into a tube shape. Stuff a glove into the end opening, with the glove opening sticking out. Pull the glove opening over the end of the towel. Hold it in place with a rubber band. Lube up and enjoy. You can alter the tightness with every new attempt to make the perfect custom fifi. 8.

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The folks at Jokestrap Sexy Time also found a way to turn the classic foam football into a sex toy. WATCH IT HERE. A Folded Hand Towel, a Rubber Glove, and a Rubber Band .

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The watermelon is too heavy to masturbate, and the juice drips from the inside, making it dirty. Furthermore, it is very difficult to make a hole to insert my penis. The only good thing about it is the possibility of enjoying it by shaking your hips like sex. But then I would probably make my own sex doll.