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How to Use a Suction Cup Dildo: Where to Mount and What to Do ...

Best positions for a suction cup dildo There are two main positions to try out when using your suction cup dildo when it comes to mounting it to whichever surface you’re trying out. A vertical surface, like a wall or headboard, allows you to face the dildo once it is in place or turn around and use it for some vaginal or anal stimulation from behind.

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Suction cup dildos have a wide variety of uses, and what’s most fun about them is that you can use them to test out positions and see which angles stroke your sweet spots the best. You can also use these popular sex toys as a practice tool for the real deal when you’re ready; e.g., you can try out oral sex techniques and sex positions that ...

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How to Use a Suction Cup Dildo | Tips & Techniques

Best Large Suction Cup Dildos. There are several great choices if you're seeking one with a huge girth. The secret to searching for the best large suction cup dildo is to choose one with a visually huge suction cup. Because the big shaft is so heavy lurking above, one with a small base will easily tip over.

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One of the absolute best places to use a suction cup dildo is on the side of the bathtub! Not only will it stick very well, but it gives you the perfect way to ride it. Just place one foot on each side of the bathtub side and ride away. You can also lean forward and hold the side of the tub, sink into a nice, hot bath before or after.

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There are two ways to use a suction cup dildo on the wall. You can either put it higher so you can penetrate yourself while standing. Or you can put it close to the floor, get on all fours and basically do it doggy style. Personally, the shower wall is the best way to use this type of dildo. 2. Floor. Some floors will be perfect, like a tile floor.

12 Best Suction Cup Dildo Positions (Enjoy Hands-Free Fun!)

It’s a win-win situation with the Blow & Bounce position. It’s one of the few suction cup dildo positions that can work for couple play. For this position, stick the suction cup dildo in your preferred spot. Have your man stand up straight while you put yourself in a kneeling position.

How to Make a Suction Cup Dildo and How to Enjoy One

Suction cup dildos offer the best service even in the absence of your partner. They contain body-safe materials that will make your internals vibrate in excitement without having to worry about infections. Make your sex life exciting by enjoying the freedom that comes with suction cup dildos.

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Unfortunately, many suction cup dildos are made of porous and even toxic materials like PVC. Silicone is the only safe, easy to clean option for long-term use when we’re talking about suction cupped toys. See my Suction Cup Dildo Guide for a longer listing of body-safe toys.

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Vertical: On vertical places like walls you will be able to use the suction cup dildo in only two ways. You can use your ass with your back towards the dildo or you can straight up face the suction cup dildo.