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Exploring scientifically proven herbal aphrodisiacs

Ali et al. studied the aphrodisiac actions of the aqueous extract of the seeds of on the sexual behavior of normal male rats. In this investigation, healthy male albino rats were fed with C. edulis extract (test reference) and sildenafil citrate (standard reference). Both the groups exhibited a significant increase in MF, IF, and first sand ...

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A Comparative Study on Aphrodisiac Activity of Some Ayurvedic Herbs in Male Albino Rats. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 38(6). 1009-1015. doi: 10.1007/s10508-008-9444-8 The Greeks have referred to it through love poetry while the Kama Sutra recommends drinking it.

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While aphrodisiacs have been the topic of old wives tales for centuries, there’s now so much science-backed research behind the phenomenon. Paying attention to the studies and overall culture behind aphrodisiacs can potentially help us in between the sheets.

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F or seven nights out of every month, my boyfriend soaks his balls in a bathtub of 118-degree water for 45 minutes. He crams his six-foot-four frame into our claw-foot bathtub and sweats profusely ...

Herbal Aphrodisiacs: What They Are & How to Use Them

Aphrodisiacs have been long sought after, admired, and rumored for their effects on libido — but do they actually work? An aphrodisiac, named after the Goddess Aphrodite, is a substance that, when consumed or applied topically to the human body, has the ability to increase libido, potency, or sexual pleasure (Kotta, Ansari, & Ali, 2013). Many ...

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Men and women have sought aphrodisiacs, agents that arouse or increase sexual response or desire, since the beginning of time. Aphrodisiacs may well be the one thing that crosses all barriers ...

15 Evidence-Based Aphrodisiac Scents to Improve Date Night

3. Vanilla: In a study of male Wistar rats, a 200 mg dose of vanillin demonstrated aphrodisiac properties. The aphrodisiac qualities of vanilla should come at little surprise, since vanilla’s soothing scent has also been shown to increase arousal by 9 percent in men.

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Instead of sipping champagne and ringing in 2018 with my family, I brought it in while in the bathtub, being bathed by my husband and mom. But, being roofied did not just mess up my night. I still wish I knew who did it and why they did it. When you are drugged, you do not just think about it that night – it goes on with you.

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…I encourage you to consider using natural aphrodisiacs. The term aphrodisiac is derived from the name Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, fruitfulness, and beauty. Herbal folklore tells us, an aphrodisiac is a botanical whose chemical constituents may help to raise libido and increase sexual desire.